30 day challenge 29th August 2018 Alladswork webtalk Day 18 by Stephanie Airey

Published 9 months ago
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30 day challenge 29th August 2018 Alladswork webtalk Day 18 by Stephanie Airey

Alladswork and Webtalk are both showing great results for me. Climbing everyday. Day 18 of my 30 day challenge.


I am increasing pleased with my results with both Webtalk and Alladswork each day. I have still not done a withdrawal with Alladswork, I am still going to be compounding for a little while yet. The purpose with this challenge was to concentrate on promoting one affiliate or one program for 30 days. In doing so you would make money online. It was set up because to many people whine they can't make money online. Then you go and see there non existant adverts and know why they don't make any money online. Alladsword is what I picked for my challenge. It is a rev share website. I chose this for advertising my other affiliate stuff mainly but also to make some money.

I started off putting in $10 and put in a further $8 but haven't added anymore. My results so far are from the $18 plus my commissions from my downline. https://alladswork.com/ref/grumpygran...

I did choose two programs for the challenge and Webtalk is my second one. This isn't about the money at the moment, it is about building my network. The money side should kick in soon. It is FREE to join and has great promise. You can place ads, network with people, build up your network and have some fun along the way. Once joined it is a very familiar platform very much like what most people use each day. The only difference is, soon members will start earning commissions from their network.


What have you got to lose with either of these platforms. As a marketer we all need places to advertise and both these platforms fit the bill. If you are interested in finding out more about this challenge here is the link to the facebook group. Just look on the right for the link to the challenge video https://www.facebook.com/groups/17593...