30 Day Challenge Day 22 Total In Network 1335 Webtalk, Alladswork by Stephanie Airey

Published 3 months ago

30 Day Challenge Day 22 Total In Network 1335 Webtalk, Alladswork by Stephanie Airey

Alladswork and Webtalk, even more excited about my results. This is progressing better than I could have imagined.

Day 22 of my 30 day challenge.


For little startup ($18) I am truly amazed at my results so far. I do apologize that in this video I didn't go over the day's update. I was sidetracked. I will remember for video 23. If you want to earn money online, you have to put in the work. This 30 day challenge makes you realize how important working at it, really is.

Want money online? Then don't rely on others, work with others, but get the work done for yourself.


I am still working this 30 day challenge with Alladswork and Webtalk. I intend to complete my 30 days no matter what. Just making this effort is showing me some great results. Imagine if I had done this on a larger scale. Results are coming in every day.


I must share I posted a screenshot of webtalk inside of webtalk on my newsfeed. It has got a lot of attention. More people viewing my posts, more people requesting to add me as a friend. The owner actually shared my post. When this was done everyone will see it, everyone. There are now over 111,000 users and my post will now show on every single one of their newsfeeds. Image what this is going to do for my business. More people following me, more people requesting friendship and every single person who does this is seeing all my other promotions. This is free viral marketing. I didn't pay a penny into webtalk, that option is not available as of yet. I will be upgrading my membership once it is available for many reasons. When I do this it also means my sponsor has one person at least as a paid member which then qualifies him to earn good commissions.

Think about it! We all need to exposure to make money online. I have now got it. All this because I joined for FREE and worked at it to build my network!


If you are interested in finding out more about this challenge here is the link to the facebook group.

Just look on the right for the link to the challenge video https://www.facebook.com/groups/1759312804328198/

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