30 Day Challenge Day 25 Total In Network 1828 Webtalk, Alladswork by Stephanie Airey

Published 4 months ago

30 Day Challenge Day 25 Total In Network 1828 Webtalk, Alladswork by Stephanie Airey

I am getting close to finishing my 30-day challenge for alladswork and webtalk. I am still amazed by the results. I won't be quitting these programs but I will finish the challenge and do a results video to finish it.

Day 25 of my 30-day challenge.

My earnings for alladswork keeps on growing. I have beaten my goal and more. Yes it is a slow climb and I know I could have either put more money in or promoted it more, but I didn't. It has got me off my backside though to do work on alladswork every day. My results would not have been as much otherwise.

What I have learned from this is that I can make money online with the right mindset. I have also learned I can do this with anything I now put my mind to.

How to buy adpack is covered in this video


I am totally and utterly gobsmacked with my results for Webtalk! My network has exploded and each and everyday it is growing faster. The numbers of people coming into my network are becoming larger with each passing day. On average I am getting over 100 new members daily. This is brilliant on it's own but, if you think about it, soon the company will be paying 50% of it's revenue, 5 levels deep, to the users. Think of this in terms of what I could be earning very soon.

Join our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/451254102055713/about/ 

It is an unofficial webtalk group.

Results are coming in every day.


Don't miss the boat on this one. 

50% revenue to users

5 levels deep

people seeing your ads

connections being made

No jail time for posting your marketing

and lots more.......

Don't be the first person to miss the boat and only get 10% one level deep!


If you are interested in finding out more about this challenge here is the link to the facebook group. Just look on the right for the link to the challenge video https://www.facebook.com/groups/1759312804328198/

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