Luke Dashjr on 300k Blocks and Full Nodes

Published 4 weeks ago
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In this episode, I talk with Jill, Alejandro and Jamaal from Open Money Initiative about the reality of Bitcoin within Venezuela. We discuss their research, design approach, how people are using money in Venezuela, and how Bitcoin can help. LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE AND ACCESS LINKS TO THE SHOW NOTES WHERE TO FIND THE SHOW → My website: → iTunes: → Spotify: → Stitcher: → SoundCloud: → YouTube: → TuneIn: LISTEN TO OLD EPISODES → By guest: → By topic: → Transcriptions: SUPPORT THE SHOW → → Become a Patron: → Subscribe on iTunes → Leave a review on iTunes → Share the show out with your friends and family on social media → Drop me a line on WHERE TO FOLLOW ME: → Twitter: → Medium: → Instagram: → Facebook: → YouTube: → Website: → Email list: LEARN ABOUT BITCOIN & CRYPTO: → Step by Step Guide: → Training: → Resources: ***** Interview location: New York Interview date: Sunday 12th May, 2019 Company: Independent Role: Bitcoin/Blockchain Consultant This was a short interview at the Magical Crypto Conference where I managed to grab 30 minutes with Luke. We talk about 300k blocks, why 85% of people need to be running a full node for Bitcoin security, and what happened with SegWit2x and UASF.