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WELCOME TO ORU LIFESTYLE BENEFITS ORU is a global lifestyle sharing network experience, offering numerous free and premium benefits to its private members around the world. JOIN BELOW AT THESE LINKS: https://orunetwork.com/jimwatts/ + ORU Marketplace Review and thoughts about how to collect money online and stop using PayPal, Stripe and First Data merchant accounts. #ORUMarketplace #PayPalKiller Is PayPal Scam real? To setup up your account: https://orunetwork.com/jimwatts/ Message me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsky69 Oru Marketplace is growing VERY rapidly and you want to be able to accept payments anywhere in the world without the hassle of PayPal, Stripe or other merchant accounts. Follow me on Oru Social: http://www.orusocial.orumarketplace.com/timeline/jimwatts ( Use Share Code TEA7611 ) To setup up your ORU Account here: https://orunetwork.com/jimwatts/ The people behind ORU are an internationally diversified and experienced group of technology and business professionals, having created billion-dollar brands, services, and products. They serve the ORU family with passion, conviction and a heart for paying their success forward. Advocates for a better life, they are: Nick VandenBrekel The Architect ORU Advocate Nick is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, technology innovator and military veteran. With over 35 years of experience in myriad aspects of technology, science and business, he has been responsible for, and has contributed to groundbreaking technologies in the communications, financial, medical, hardware, software, security, social media and enterprise systems industry. A native of the Netherlands, Nick graduated from the OPS School Royal Netherlands Navy where he specialized in naval communications and then continued into technology systems development. His accomplishments include but are not limited to the founding of Crystal Technologies, a personal computer manufacturing company which was acquired by Ashima Technologies. PTV (Projector Tele Video), a groundbreaking company that created an automated transfer system for 8mm video to VHS format. Founder and creator of the IAMSPORT athletes social network and OLYMPIAN.ORG which provides internet communication and social media to all Olympic Athletes in the world, which was subsequently merged into the World Olympians Association. Founder of Quest Print and First Publish which introduced the world to the innovations of publishing and print-on-demand, providing services and products to clients and partners such as Amazon, IBM, McGraw Hill and Thompson Financial. One of the most successful products of QuestPrint was the IRP (Internet Remote Print) technology to drive high volume printing devices for clients such as Danka, Kinko’s, FedEx and Florida State University where more than 36,000 students had access to the IRP platform.