Ripple Locks 55b Tokens, Buy Bitcoin Unlimited Now, Poloniex Double Teamed (The Cryptoverse #271)

Published 2 years ago

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**On Today's Episode Of The Cryptoverse:** Good news for Ripple investors as they announces that they are putting 55b tokens in escrow, launches their cloud mining offer if you want to put your money behind Bitcoin Unlimited, and Poloniex gets mashed by attackers and hyper active traders. Hardware wallets are the only way to truly store your cryptocurrency securely. Ledger provide a range of devices to suit all budgets and preferences. [Checkout my review of the Ledger Nano S by clicking here]( **Please Support The Cryptoverse And Boost Cryptocurrency Adoption By Becoming A Cryptoversity Patron:** Make a regular contribution and you'll help to secure Cryptoversity's future, get unlimited access to all Cryptoversity courses as well as a private Telegram chat group where you get direct access to me: **Or Pay As You Go With Cryptocurrency Tips:** **Sources:** [Cryptocurrency Prices Provided by CoinMarketCap]( [Link to the article on Ripple]( [Link to the article about cloud mining]( [Link to the article about Poloniex]( Take my online courses on Cryptoversity the online school for learning about Bitcoin, crypto-currencies and blockchains at: