Webtalk 50% of its revenue for life How to qualify by Stephanie Airey

Published 8 months ago
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Webtalk is sharing up to 50% of its revenue for life - How to qualify.


YES, IT'S TRUE!!! Webtalk is sharing up to 50% of its revenue for life with YOU, our users! The affiliate program (once Webtalk is out of Beta) will begin awarding 10% revenue share on all revenue streams as they are deployed... (advertising, premium feature upgrades [$20/$30/$40 per month packages, marketplace and job services]

However, the first 1M affiliates to meet the following qualifications will AUTOMATICALLY be awarded a 5-Tier commission plan for LIFE as a bonus... Follow the 5 steps in the video.

RIGHT NOW IS THE PRE-LAUNCH FOR WEBTALK'S AFFILIATE PROGRAM WHILE WEBTALK IS BETA TESTING Webtalk will NEVER ask you to purchase anything to be an affiliate and earn commissions.

The affiliate program is 100% free and available to anyone who wants to enroll anywhere in the world. Webtalk during beta is invite only. Here is your invite https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6493101

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