Webtalk How To Give A Recommendation by Steph Airey

Published 8 months ago
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Webtalk How To Give A Recommendation by Steph Airey

Someone asked how do you give someone a recommendation on Webtalk.


This is for anyone who is a member and who is wishing to join.

The Recommendation is important when it comes to earning on Webtalk because there are 5 different things you need to do to qualify. One is receiving a Recommendation from another member. Another is having a real profile image of yourself.

I choose the lady in the video as I know her from The Early Birds facebook group and because her images weren't up yet.

For anyone who doesn't yet know or hasn't yet heard of Webtalk, it is a new social media platform and it has been created for marketers. You can have friends and family on there and you can keep the proffession contacts sepatate from the personal contacts. As long as you set everything up correctly and when you post, you post to the right groups of people, no one can see them posts from the other groups of people. So no more bosses going onto facebook, seeing your posts about the company you work for and no getting the sack from your job.

Webtalk for the moment is private invite only. Here is the link for your invite https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6493101


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